Love is best expressed by that which you do not do.

Hillel the Elder said this when he summed up the entire Torah,

“If you do not like something, don’t do it to someone else.”

What is it that you most dislike?

You don’t appreciate when someone pries into your faults, underlining each one with a red pen.

So if you truly wish to express love to someone else, don’t even look at his faults.

Find whatever is good about him and talk about that.

- Tzemach Tzedek

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Comments icon October 2, 2013


By Donald Lewis on December 15, 2013 -- 6:50pm

So, you think that the Saint was born in Turkey.  Wrong, it was Greece.  Since you botched that info,  what other ststements are incorrect?

By Kris on March 30, 2016 -- 8:54pm

Thank you, this is a great reminder that I should always find the best characteristics in people,.

By The Sister of Our Lord on June 1, 2016 -- 8:14pm

His existence, GOD’S, is obvious. Nothing with which we are familiar has ever “become” something out of nothingness before our very eyes. Always, preceding events or matter or things lead to the formation of other things. The only “thing” some believe just suddenly appeared out of absolute and total nothingness and from nowhere is everything. Not much common sense involved driving that decision.
Of course, the natural question arises, “From where did GOD come? How did GOD get here, if everything is the result of preceding occurrences?” By definition, we know that GOD is, always was and always will be. That is what the term, “GOD” means.

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