Marriage: Revisited

Let’s pretend
We never married
Kids? There are no kids
Grandchildren? Who are they?
No one we know ever died
No one ever got sick
The school never called with a bad report
Our neighbors never complained we were too loud
You never got me angry
I never made you sad
You never scratched the car
I never came home late
You never spent too much money
I never left my socks on the floor
You never complained
I never snored
You always squeezed the toothpaste from the bottom
I always took out the garbage
You’re still the same size dress as when we met
I still have a full head of hair
Your eyes still sparkle
I’m still young and dashing
I still love your smile
You still laugh at my jokes
I love your joy of life
You love my sense of caring
Are you doing anything Saturday night?
Would you like to see a movie (go out to eat, attend the Rabbi’s class)?
Sure, I’d love to
Hey Dad/Mom, I think I just met the girl/boy I’m going to marry.
Son/Daughter, I hope you’re as happy years from now as you are today.
Revisit it

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Comments icon October 24, 2010


By Andrew Wagoner on December 25, 2010 -- 9:07pm

Nicely written. Thank you!

By Leah on January 21, 2011 -- 10:17am

I channel the heaven’s plane and I can explain why there is such a pervasive hatred towards the Jews. None of you have read the New Testament because it is about Jesus. what you do not know as all this information has been lost to you is that your covenant was broken at the moment your Jewish ancestors chose Barrabas to save from the cross and not Rabbi Jesus Christ. This angered His Father and yours Lord God Yahweh and He cursed your race through time immemorial. Your lack of resolve and denial that you participated in his murder is what is the cause for your constant persecution. Those who persecute you know they are doing God’s work. Now all must take notice and realize that you are not the Chosen Ones of Lord God Yahweh. This rumination of your mind happened because those Rabbis of the past who are alive now, chose to erase all memory of Jesus’ life, his teachings, his verses. It was a philosophy that goes against the Torah that was the cause for hatred against him and he converted many Jews to his form of thought and this was seen as a huge threat to those Older Rabbi’s livelihoods. However, the curse, as he was the Chosen One of God remained as Jesus himself cursed you. Though you want to know why the blood of Jesus is salvation to the Romans and Gentile because they knew he survived the cross and this caused them to believe he is the Holy One of God. But to those Rabbis who wanted him dead was a lost cause. It is because of these Rabbis that you have been persecuted to the nth degree. Repent now as another Holocaust is arriving in your future as we speak. This is a letter to all Jews from Our Lord God Yahweh and Leah Motiram who is the Chosen One of God once again. Do that to her and you will remain in hell for over 1000 years, all of you.

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