Master This Attitude And You Will Never Be Depressed

When we learn to appreciate life to its fullest, we will be oblivious to many of its painful aspects.  We will definitely try to deal with them effectively, but will not feel emotional suffering since the joy of being alive will outweigh anything negative that might occur.  Imagine a person who just now won a large sum of money in a lottery.  He will feel such joy that if he accidentally broke a glass cup, he would feel no suffering whatsoever because of that loss. The joy of being alive can be much greater than the joy of winning millions upon millions of dollars.  A person able to master this attitude, which admittedly is extremely difficult to do, will not have psychosomatic difficulties, since he will not view anything that happens to him as negative.

- Heard from Rabbi Chayim Shmuelevitz; Sichos Mussar 1971, essay 3

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Comments icon December 16, 2010


By dosn´t matter on December 19, 2010 -- 10:29pm

Nice and good, 2 D point.
as always
really sharp!

By How about your attitude? on December 21, 2010 -- 3:05pm

Since our e-mail exchange in November, you continue to lie on your page “evolution facts” ( /articles/a/evolution-facts/ ) as I’ve pointed out to you.

I also said that while discussing the pros en cons for evolution or creation is fine, one should do it by using facts: this is what you’re ignoring, making you a dishonest person just wanting to persuade people “no matter what”.

Get it straight and clean up your act.

By still... on December 23, 2010 -- 1:01pm

your not being honest! God will punish you for your sins…

By Wendy Brown on December 26, 2010 -- 5:38am

There is a wealth of information here! I come from a jewish background tho I now believe in Jdesus as my personal saviour. My comment is tho you are knowledgeable, the problwem I see is that you mix the beliefs of catholisism with those of fundamental Christians! for instance: wherE you state thAT cHRISTIANS ate and drank the blood of jesus and ate his body mystically at the communion they accused the jews of needing to drink the blood of christians! we fundamental Christians DO NOT believe in transubstantiation-that the wafer and wine are turned into the actual blood of jesus and his body. That is a strictly Catholic belief! there are many other places where you mix these beliefs. I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ but I do not in ANY WAY resemble a Catholic. WE believe very differenmt things which would make much of what you say against Christ and Christians untrue.
Thank you for letting me share my thoughts here.
Oh. And we, my family and many Christians I knlow, DO NOT celebrate Xmas either, at all or in any way. You are right. It has nothing to do with Jesus. Nor does easter and many of the other so called christian holidays which are reaLLYN PAGAN BY WAY OF CATHOLIC.

By bankole oluwatosn on December 28, 2010 -- 4:23pm


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By This is good practice! on January 25, 2011 -- 11:59am

Being happy lets others into your life, especially hashem!!!
When you are happy, it brings you clarity and energy to keep living and do mitzvot! Happiness with direction in torah brings to more happiness with meaning, if not it fades.

By Bob on April 7, 2011 -- 11:31am

Depression is a disorder, not an attitude.
This article, therefore, is a fail.

By Shoshana on May 11, 2011 -- 10:53pm

Must be how Job, Daniel and Joseph accomplished what they did as well—Is how we are living each day seen as righteous to Hashem? If so, make that all that matters—as a child would find joy in pleasing a parent.

By Mark on August 17, 2016 -- 6:30pm

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