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Memorable Quotes

“Birds of a feather flock together”.

“Come hell or high water”.

“Am I my brother’s keeper”?

I bet you didn’t know that so many of our everyday expressions come from the Bible.

Here’s a few more:

“The walls have ears”.

“Honor your parents.” (Remember that one?)

“Man does not live by bread alone”.

“Let’s have Pizza in a Hut”.

Well, it doesn’t exactly say that last one, but on October 2nd this year we begin eating all kinds of food in our own personal huts.  Friday night marks the beginning of the Jewish Holiday of Succoth. That’s when we leave our homes of wood or brick and dwell in our temporary homes of fiberglass or canvas with roofs of bamboo strips or branches.

Why would we do that?

The Bible tells us that it’s in order to remember that when Gd took us out of Egypt after 210 years of slavery, He watched over us in the desert for 40 years with nothing to protect us from the hostile elements (or enemies) but His Holy Clouds of Glory.

For centuries, Jews around the world have been following this tradition.  In all countries, in all climates, throughout the ages, we have left our comfortable homes for 7 days and moved outside after everyone else has moved INSIDE. We eat there and, if we can, we sleep there. It’s a special feeling. It’s a joyous Holiday. It reaffirms our connection to Gd. It reminds us that for thousands of years we have remained His people and in return, He continues to protect us.

So if you don’t want to have Pizza in your Hut, then try a juicy steak, or a roasted chicken or anything else that tickles your fancy, along with your Kiddush cup of wine and freshly baked challah’s.

Try it, you’ll like it!

(That expression also comes from us. Psalms 34:9. Check it out!)

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Posted in: Jewish Holidays
by   Max Anteby

Comments icon September 29, 2009


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