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Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone

I am constantly amazed at the pace of new technological developments taking place in the world today. It’s been said that there have been more scientific advances in the last 100 years than in all of human history combined.

Cell phones, the internet, the atomic bomb, landing a man on the moon, COLOR television (I’m going back a LONG way now). These inventions were unheard of and unimaginable by our grandparents and great – grandparents. What the future holds, nobody knows.

But think of it on a more simple level. Imagine living in a world without indoor plumbing, or central heat and air conditioning. Imagine living in a hut instead of a high-rise. Think of a world without email or texting. Unbearable! Most people are not even aware that a “cc” on an email means “carbon copy” because that’s how we used to make a copy of a page – by slipping a waxy sheet of black carbon between two pieces of paper and pressing hard when you wrote. “Make me a xerox” was an unknown phrase.
Now take it back to an even simpler level. Imagine living in a world without bread.

Who was the genius who discovered all of the steps necessary to convert a wheat seed into the food staple of mankind? It was certainly NOT just common sense.

First he had to plow a field, then plant a seed, then water it and cultivate it. When the stalks of this strange looking plant were fully grown, cut them down and throw them into heaps. Thresh the stalks by beating them against something hard to separate the husks from the stalks. Winnow them by blowing air at them or by throwing them up into the air to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Grind the wheat until it was as soft as powder.

Mix with water.

Add yeast (whatever that was) otherwise he would wind up with matzoh not bread.

Bake in the oven until golden brown.

Who would have thought of all that? I wouldn’t. Fortunately, someone else did.

And now take it back to its most simple level.

Imagine living in a world without wheat seeds.

Now Who thought of that?

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