There’s something wrong with my mirror.  I knew it as soon as I got it.  I’ll tell you how it happened.

Last Sunday the family down the block had a garage sale. My dad went by and bought the ugliest looking mirror I ever saw.  It was carved out of green, moldy wood with bats and birds and wings coming out of all the sides.

Dad said it was a bargain for only five dollars.  He hung it up in my room over my dresser.

The first time I looked into it, I knew there was something wrong.  The face I saw looked miserable.

I asked dad to return it but he said a deal was a deal.

I invited my buddies Charlie and Sam to take a look at it.  They laughed so hard it almost fell off the wall.  Every time they looked into it, they saw two of the funniest looking faces they ever saw.

So I tried again.

No luck, the face was still miserable.

So I decided to ask my baby brother for advice.  He’s only one year old but people tell me that he’s pretty smart for his age.

I picked him up and let him stand on my dresser.  I told him to look in the mirror and tell me what he thought.  As soon as he saw his face, he started giggling. Then he got closer to the mirror and started smushing his nose into the glass.  And every time he did that, the face in the mirror did the same thing. Then, whenever he laughed, the baby in the mirror laughed.

He started laughing so much, that I started to laugh.  Pretty soon, we were all laughing – me and my baby brother and the two faces in the mirror.

I couldn’t believe it.  When I looked in the mirror, my face wasn’t miserable anymore, it was actually happy!

I just don’t understand how the mirror does that.

There is DEFINITELY something wrong with my mirror.

King Solomon tells us how the mirror did that in his book of Proverbs.  He stated that the same way we see our reflection in a pond of water, people reflect back to us the mood that WE are in. Your inside feelings may belong to you but the look on your face belongs to everyone else.

So, think of yourself as a happy person and SMILE!

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Comments icon June 1, 2010


By Riki on June 2, 2010 -- 6:58am

Wish I had one of those mirrors…

By frank on June 7, 2010 -- 7:31am

nice, thank you. wisdom comes to us as little seeds and yes from children that love us.

By abhay rawat on July 15, 2010 -- 8:59pm

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