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Seeing is Believing

A famous actor once quipped, “Who are you going to believe, me or your eyes?”
Even though he was only joking, the answer would be obvious. As long as we can see things for ourselves, we can use our intellect and understanding to make sense of a situation.
So what are some of the things we see going on around us?
We see the Israeli government sending the most advanced medical teams to Haiti to aid in their recent emergency recovery efforts.
We see Israeli scientists teaming up with representatives of other countries to assist them in turning their arid deserts into fertile lands.
We see throughout history the Jewish Fundamentalists, you know - those guys with the long beards, black coats and black hats - building schools, soup kitchens and charity organizations to benefit themselves and their neighbors.
We see thousands of Jews of all backgrounds pouring out into the streets to find one lost kidnapped boy.
We see modern democracies basing their laws and ethics on the principles laid out in the “Old Testament”.
We see Jews at the forefront of every major social movement initiated for the betterment of man – even if they don’t always turn out that way.
We see Jews in every country on the globe living peaceably with their neighbors.
We see more medical innovations and patents coming out of the Jewish nation than all other nations combined.
We see Jews being granted Nobel prizes far in excess of their overall percentage of the world’s population.
We see Jews fighting alongside Christians for school vouchers to benefit all private school children and to protect the moral and ethical standards of our society.
We see Israeli hospitals treating injured suicide bombers, pregnant Arab women and the critically ill of their warring neighbors.
What do we NOT see?
Jews in Arizona slitting the throats of Mexicans who dare to invade America.
Jews in London blowing up train stations to protest against escalating anti-Semitism.
Jews in Mumbai recklessly shooting hotel guests and passersby who differ with their ideology.
Jewish suicide bombers.
Jews massacring Nazi, Arab, Christian or czarist children while they sleep.
Jews destroying religious sites in America, France, England, Russia or even Germany.
Jews sending rockets into civilian areas to drive their enemies into the sea.
It was the Jews who brought the concept to the world that “He who saves even one life, is as if he saved the entire universe.”
For 2,000 years, no one has ever seen Jews as aggressors anywhere in the world. So what makes the world believe that we are doing that now in the land of Israel?
I ask you - who are you going to believe, the media or your eyes?
(For more information on this topic, see the new publication – David and Goliath by Shraga Simmons).

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by   Max Anteby

Comments icon March 12, 2012


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