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I Hear a Symphony

In the 1960’s and ‘70’s, there was a dynamic rock and roll group called, The Supremes. They were led by the long and lovely Diana Ross. One of their greatest and earliest hits was called, “I Hear a Symphony”.  As the music builds to a crescendo, Diana becomes overwhelmed with emotion as she contemplates the love of her life and croons, “I cry not for myself, but for those who never felt the love we share.”

When we stop to think about the miracles of science, the wonders of the human body, the joy and happiness of Jewish holidays, of the lasting pleasure of living a life of meaning, it should fill us with uncontrollable feelings of gratitude and love for the Creator of the universe Who has provided us with all of those opportunities to get closer to Him.

Alas, there are many who appreciate what life has given them but never see it as the Hand of God. They can witness the birth of a child and intellectually understand it as the natural outcome of the reproductive process and nothing more.

Others look at their own success or failure in life and look at it as the result of their intelligence and tenacity, or shortcomings, and fail to see that there is a higher purpose in all that happens to them.

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto wrote in the most important book of Jewish philosophy, “The Path of the Just”:
“The purpose of creation and the greatest happiness in life is rejoicing in the closeness to God”.

Judaism says that God is our Father in Heaven. He wants to be close to His children and shower them with His goodness. He stands ready, slowly hinting to us of His great bounty.

Perhaps that’s what Diana Ross meant when she sang: “As You stand holding me, whispering how much You care, a thousand violins fill the air”.

I must confess. I hear the symphony and I cry for those who never felt the love He shares.

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