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Everyone is familiar with Harry Potter. He is THE modern day bestseller. JK Rowling has succeeded in creating a totally new world for us to explore. Throughout her books (and subsequent movies), people and adventures come and go. We meet new villains, witches, wizards and schoolmates in each new episode. Some of them fly, some do magic, some are ordinary creatures like you and me and others can travel through time. And nobody reading her books or sitting in the audience ever questions it.

That’s the world that she created and everything in her world works. There is a unity within the universe she has brought to us because it all emanates from one source - JK Rowling, its author.

We live in a world where everything also seems to work:

Clouds become water that flows into oceans that become clouds

Seeds become trees that produce fruit that contain seeds that become trees.

Gases become stars that become supernovae that become gases that become stars.

Humans and animals breathe in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide then plants breathe in that carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.

Energy from the sun is absorbed by food that we eat that gives us the energy we need to live.

After we die, we go back to the ground from whence we came since, after all, that’s what we’ve been eating all of our lives.

Why should this be? Why should all of nature be able to exist together and feed off each other harmoniously (except, at times, for mankind)?

What is it that unifies all of existence and allows it to continue?

Some might say the commonality is electrons, protons and neutrons. They are the smallest particles common to all substances of the universe. Put a few electrons here, move a few protons there and you’ve got people, food or mountains.

Others might say it’s all just an accident of Nature (whoever she is) and whatever didn’t work as part of the whole dropped itself out of existence years ago.

Judaism says that the universe has an Author. He created everything in seven days and designed it all to work together. And since everything emanates from this One Source, there is a unity within the universe He created that makes everything flow. He even wrote a book to tell us how to get the most out of it.

Judaism calls that Author - God. He is the Creator, Supervisor and Sustainer of the world as we know it. The name of His book is the Bible (I hope you guessed that already).

Want to learn more about the world we live in and even a little bit about its Author? Pick up a copy of His book. It has sold more copies than any other book in the history of the world except, possibly, for Harry Potter.

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by   Max Anteby

Comments icon November 26, 2010


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