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The Junk Drawer

Everyone has one. It’s usually in the kitchen right next to the fridge. It has everything in it that you think is important to keep:

  • Used twist ties
  • A pencil without an eraser
  • Personal writing pads that say “Things to do Today”
  • That screw that you just KNOW goes somewhere important
  • A dreidel
  • A child’s sunglasses with only one lens
  • An almost empty scotch tape holder

Every time you pull it open, somehow, magically, more things appear. Yet just when you need that special something that you’re SURE you put in the junk drawer, it’s never there. It’s always full, but it’s always – still junk.

With all the other stuff that you have, think what you could do with all that drawer space!

Many of us use our minds the same way. We fill them with memories that we think are going to be important one day.

  • That fight you had with the neighbor over that loud party he had
  • The time your spouse said they didn’t like the outfit you were wearing
  • The day the boss said you were a nincompoop
  • Your third grade teacher who said you would never be good in math if you kept that up

And just when you think its time to use that memory and say, “Yeh, well, what about that time that you…,” suddenly it seems so trivial. You’ve held onto to it for so long and now, poof, it’s meaningless.

The Bible says, “Don’t take revenge and don’t hold a grudge”. Makes so much sense. A grudge is a heavy burden to carry. You’ve got better things to think about. Let it go! Fill your mind with happy thoughts – family, Gd, freedom, life!

Everything else is just – junk.

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Posted in: Personal Growth
by   Max Anteby

Comments icon July 1, 2009


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