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To Each His Own

“To Each His Own” by Ferdinand the Bull.

A female hippopotamus just moved in down the block. The male hippopotami went crazy for her.  I don’t know. She’s not my type. Maybe it’s the lips. Or perhaps the tail. And she has such small ears.

The same thing happened a few weeks ago. We got a new spotted leopard at the African pavilion. He’s a magnificent looking animal and the girls love him. I just don’t know what they see in him.

I prefer my Bessie. She’s got this beautiful brown hair and those large white spots. She’s quiet and contented and her milk is the best.  And when she moo’s, I get goose bumps all over.

I can’t understand those humans.  A few of them passed by my area the other day. The female only has hair on top of her head, not like my Bessie, and she walks on only two legs. I much prefer the four legged type, they’re much more stable. And their kids! They can’t do anything by themselves for almost two years. What a drag! My kids are up and running after a day.

In every specie, the male and female are attracted only to each other. That’s the way Gd created us. There are 5,000 species of mammals and over 40,000 species of fish with thousands of species of insects. And all species mate exclusively within their own specie. How do they know how to do that?

Instinct. It’s Gd’s little miracle.

I understand though, that they mated a horse with a donkey. They wound up with this confused, unhappy, stubborn mule for a kid. Now they say he can’t even have kids of his own. Sterile. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone, it only gets him depressed.

Everyone loves their own. Birds love birds. Bees love bees. And, yes, even hippo’s love hippo’s.

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