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Trees are for Breeze

“I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.”

As much as I admire Joyce Kilmer for penning these words,his poem pales in comparison to the majesty of what we learn from a tree. A tree is more than just a wonder of beauty planted by Gd. It is an institution that teaches us one of the most important mitzvah’s (positive commandments from the Bible) and that is- the welcoming of guests.
In all seasons, it practically screams out, “Welcome Visitors”.

In the hot summer months it beckons the wayfarer- come, lean on me under my foliage. I have kept my trunk as narrow as possible to give you as much space as I can so you can enjoy the calm breezes of my shade. Hang a hammock on my branches and relax. Or if you are tired and weary, pull down some of my low hanging leaves and make a soft bed to lie on.
You can also lull yourself to sleep from the sweet music of the birds perched in my branches.
If you need, cut off some of my branches and build a fire to cook your food.  Afterwards, you can partake of a healthy dessert from my fruits.
In the spring, exult in the rebirth of my foliage. In the fall, marvel at the brilliant colors of my leaves.
In the winter, hang a basketball net on my trunk and enjoy yourself. Build a tree house far away from winter’s snow.
If you plan to stay for a long time, cut me down and use me to build your house.
I am here for you. The more I provide, the greater my glory.

What an awesome lesson. From a tree!
How can we do less?

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