Why Do People Hate The Jews?

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By Ricco Fuentes on October 12, 2009 -- 1:37am

Very open, direct to a point, a forever reality; I thank you very much, a clear,fresh glass of water in a desert of mud.

By S.E Ford on April 5, 2010 -- 7:21am

Christian missionaries show false sympathy to the Jews and false guilt over antisemitism. Those people even sponser Aliyah to Israel with groups like IFCJ and EI. Watch TBN and CTN and find out the sad truth, they want to convert the Jewish people or use us to reserect there false god.

By Camille Summons on February 16, 2011 -- 5:23pm

Why Do People Hate The Jews?

I am not Jewish, but I have wondered about the problem of anti-semitism since I was a teenager.  This teaching is very helpful.  The reason for anti-semitism is the very fact that the Jews actually have been the conscience of the world.  It is a spiritual reason.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to hear the video.  It really answers my questions about the issue.  Thank you.

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