Marriage: Mystical and Practical

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By Ira Krause on July 6, 2011 -- 1:13am

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What’s this? Yet another exception? The descriptions are the same. Elijah made his ascension just as Enoch did. The description of the whirlwind and chariot could have been allegorical and metaphorical but it was also literal. When one makes the ascension a veritable fireworks display occurs at etheric levels as the white light of the ascension process accelerates, throwing off denser vibrations. The seven chakras spin. A caduceus action emanates from the base of the spine chakra. Two white flames intertwine around a central pillar of fire rising up the spine. This phenomena of ultimate wholeness and healing is represented by the caduceus symbol in the medical profession although very few doctors know its true esoteric meaning. The spiral of white light generated literally lifts the soul into heaven or into the highest etheric realms. If one is spiritually attuned enough, as Elisha was when he witnessed Elijah’s Ascension, this may very well appear as a whirlwind and chariot of fire (spinning wheels of fire).


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