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By KENNETH on April 22, 2013 -- 9:16pm

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By Tzvi on April 12, 2016 -- 5:44pm

  With awe. The feeling of awe descends upon us when we observe awesomeness in nature. How can we use it?
(1) Recall the feeling of awe by recalling seeing the power of the elements. Hurricanes, waves, clouds from airplanes.
(2) The quiet awe. Natural simplicity of scenery. Snow, leaves, a rushing creek, music, a baby’s laughter. Overwhelming beauty. Both the quiet and the powerful evoke a feeling of the smallness of man.
(3) Fix on it. What is the essence of the experience? The smallness of man in light of the beauty and power of nature.
(4)  Pleasure. Of being transported outside of ourselves.
(5)  Why is it pleasure? We see power and beauty often. It’s because it allows us to see outside ourselves, into the eternity of power and of beauty, outside of pettiness. To see a different level of existence.
(6) Remember. Relive. Reseek. Recapture.
(7) Recapture and use the pleasure for living . When first seeing power we are paralyzed. It’s when reliving it that we can use it. Petty things – boredom, insults- don’t affect us when viewed in the same window as Awe. So relive the moment and then look around.
(8)  Constantly seek it. Seek out the awesomeness of everyday living. Life is a mind-boggling adventure. See things in proper perspective. (Mundane isn’t really mundane. The miraculous science of pen on paper producing words. Delve.)
(9) The understanding of The Creator of all the Awe. And that HKB”H is constantly in front of us. (Tefillah is a direct communication, as evidenced by “Boruch Atah”, clearly an address to HKB”H being in front of us.)                             
(10) To constantly use awe. Mastwery of anything takes time. But with mastery of awe you live life in a different pattern. You will never be bored, never be petty, never be stupid and will never give up.
(11) When you feel petty or bored, seek out awe to get out of it. Use awe when feeling negative.
(12) Use it as a positive.
(13) יחוד לשם. Say the reason you are doin g something, to bring it into Jewish consciousness.
(14) Be awed by your own potential. Of man’s ability. You can create or destroy.
(15) תורה. Nothing else is so Awesome. Spiritually- the Teachings of HKB”H, His instructions for life. Secularly- The longevity and its unplumbed depths.
(16) Whenever studying life be in awe. Because man transcends when utilizing his potential. Wisdom enhances man.
(17) Always identify “What do I want from (blank)”.
(18) Be aware of the awesome ability of man to solve problem.

(1) To escape pettiness; for true potential can be realized you have to feel eternal.
(2)  To be sane. Insanity is defined by secular psychology as ‘to be abnormal’. According to the תורה insanity is to be out of touch with reality. In order to be in touch with reality we need awe, to be in touch with the reality of a Creator who we are constantly in front of.
(3)  For pleasure. Because we are looking for more. Whether or not we admit it. So when we contact the ‘more’; which is seeing past the mundane with awe; we have power to realize the pleasure we have been seeking.
(4)  Awe gives us new perspective. It Broadens our view, allowing for accomplishment beyond what we thought we were capable of.   

(1) The work of human beings is defined by their biggest pleasure – what it is that you strive for. 
(2) Focus on the electrons flowing from pen to paper and forming words. Then re-do #1.                                                   

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