The Magic Touch - A Jewish Approach to Relationships

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By Christopher Gold on April 16, 2010 -- 8:09am

Even as a male, I ejoyed the teaching and know that I can apply this teaching to my self..Thank you !

By Leila on December 3, 2010 -- 6:29am

I was incredibly moved by your lecture.  After dating and being physical for a decade, I have decided to become shomer negiah.  I am dating a wonderful man whom I have not touched, and we are both interested in getting married (hopefully to each other) in the near future.  I feel that this is a very empowering step for me because it means that I will not settle for anyone who does not truly appreciate me and love me for who I am.  Thank you for being another stepping stone in my growth.

By * on December 16, 2010 -- 6:14am

I am so happy that people (like the previous commenter) have been inspired by your words.
Thank You

By Ann in Canada on January 17, 2011 -- 12:04am

Sister, this was SO good, I wish it were taught in all schools so our kids could have a chance to develop and have good relationships.  I will be sharing it with my teenage grandchildren (their parents sadly still believe in “anything goes”).  Things have just gotten so crazy in the world, and yes, it has been SO hypersexualized.  Thank you for a great lecture.  It has also helped me know I am on the right path with my own preparation to someday be a wife again.  G-d bless!

By Michelle on September 6, 2014 -- 9:51pm

I really appreciated your lecture. It is fitting for women of all religious backgrounds. I am a Christian woman, and I appreciate and can apply many of the Jewish teachings to my own life. Thank you.

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