Holidays - Tisha B’Av: Two Dimensional Syndrome

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By Shanti on August 9, 2011 -- 8:29am

I love simpletoremember. I love orthodox Judaism.
Your site is a great blessing!

But in the Tisha B’Av lecture, for the Rabbi to call meditation in an ashram ‘bad’ sounds very wrong to me.

Training the mind and learning the nature of the mind/body system is a worthy enterprise.

And in Auschwitz, it is not true that everyone looked out for each other. In the words of the great Primo Levi, “The worst of us survived. The kind ones who gave away their food all died. We survivors have a terrible guilt because we know that the best of us died.”

Please don’t include such patently false twists on the truth in an otherwise great lecture.

Thank you.

By sharon sabbagh on July 30, 2012 -- 3:20am



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