Does the Talmud Condone Murder, Pedophilia, & Idolatry?

Well Good Evening. Just a little background to this program. This lecture was really born out of an event that occurred about 10 years ago. A gentleman I know very well lives in a town which no one’s ever heard of called Big Sandy Texas. Even in Big Sandy they never heard of it. It’s all the way in East Eckville Texas. This is not Dallas you know where you change your American Airlines flight on the way to Los Angeles. This is right about an hour away from the Louisiana border. A fellow who I had met there who had such a great love and intense connection to the Jewish faith that he made a decision that he was going to convert to Judaism. He had been very intensely involved in his church for all of his life. And we became very close, I even went down to Big Sandy, did a series of lectures at his home which drew an unusual crowd, even the, it was such a notable event that the Dallas Morning News sent their reporter down a couple of hours East to cover the event and it was after that he had converted he told me that in his church there was a Jewish woman who had converted to Christianity and was also considering returning back to her Jewish faith. However, when she had mentioned that she was considering embracing Judaism, her pastor quickly gave her a book called The New Covenant, a book that essentially attacks the faith of Israel, the Jewish faith, and attacks the Talmud which is one of the most sacred works of Judaism. And he said to me that this book, because it describes the Talmud as a document which advocates some of the most hideous crimes, because this book advocates the notion that the Talmud advocates pedophilia, murder, racism and other very, very bizarre acts, and because this woman herself was a victim of abuse, this was the impediment to her considering to return back to Judaism. She did not want to meet with me. She had studied my tapes, but she felt very uncomfortable actually sitting down with me. He begged me would you please make an audio tape for her and go through the arguments that were made in this book and respond to them and refute them. And I told him that I would.

I took a little tape recorder. I remember I sat down in a little room and I began to pour my heart out to her. It was a 90 minute tape because that was all I could get my hands on. I thought she would only need maybe not even the full one side of the tape. I thought maybe 30 minutes, but it became almost a gushing, it became a very emotional, personal experience for me. Baruch Hashem that woman did teshuvah and returned back to her heritage.

Over the years as you know, I have devoted my life to standing up for my people, that both spiritually and physically are under assault. So when the church rose up and assaulted our faith by declaring that Tanach, that the Jewish scriptures proves that Jesus is the Messiah. I devoted my life to fighting this, as I’m sure almost all of you here know, and then when I saw how the Europeans were turning back to their old ways, and I saw how your newspaper here in Philadelphia and in Los Angeles and in New York were assaulting and smearing and besmirching the State of Israel. You should know sweet children of Israel, that when the Toronto Star, when a journalist from the New York Times puts his pen on a piece of paper, you should know that a Jew dies in the Holy Land. And I know that here in Pennsylvania there are all kinds of political issues, gun control. Is it too easy to get a gun here in this part of Pennsylvania? Maybe vouchers, why are you paying all this money in taxes on your real estate and then you send your kids to a Jewish day school, there should be some sort of, you should be sub (4:55), these are all issues that I say this to you that these issues are not nearly as important as what’s happening in the Holy Land, where almost each and everyday our people are dying.
All the, in years past, although I had made this tape which I thought was very important for this woman, I thought that these arguments and assertions made by those who would attack our faith and specifically attack the Sages of Israel, I thought these people were so on the extreme of society, they don’t really represent anything that’s significant that is occurring, so I never made that tape public and it remained a private tape between myself and her. Over the last decade, much has happened.

It’s interesting that what is occurring is as Christians in America, and I never dreamed I would ever say this to you, but I am. As Christians in America, particularly devout Christians are becoming more philo-Semitic as a result of their Christian Zionism, which I never dreamed those words would leave my lips because as you know most of my adult life has been to devoting to fighting Evangelical Christians, fighting for the souls of my people. But what’s occurred over time is something very strange.

The Gemara tells us that the outside affects the inside and although so many Evangelical conservative Christians became Zionists because they learned it in the pews of their churches but the, what occurred was, they become devoutly committed to the Jewish state and to the Jewish people and as a result of that, it actually had an enormous impact on the character of many of these individuals who many of them today are very sincerely devoted to the Jewish state, sincerely. And I’ve seen it and I’ve heard it and I know it’s true. Now there are many people from this genre who are not sincere, who have only one interest and that’s the conversion of the Jews in Israel and it’s to prepare Israel for the second coming of Jesus, all kinds of theological issues. However there is no doubt that in America today there is an outpouring of love for Zion that is unfolding in Christian America. In Europe the exact opposite is occurring.

There was a survey done about a half a year ago. Almost all of you are familiar with it, it was a survey done of 15 European countries among these people. It was a huge survey. I think it was over 1200 people were included in the survey. They asked what country in the world presented the greatest threat to world peace, and almost 60% said, not North Korea, they didn’t say Iran, they didn’t say the Sudan, that at this moment as I’m talking to you kinderlach there are black men and women that are being slaughtered in a genocide and sold into slavery. It’s a very holy thing if you’ll be involved in trying to free these people and even redeem these people. In the Arab world today there is unbridled anti-Semitism where claims are made openly that the Talmud advocates unspeakable crimes and I am sorry to tell you that there are many Messianic organizations, many Christian organizations in America that teach the very same thing, and therefore I cannot remain silent any longer. This presentation is a necessity.

People ask me the question: Are the people who advocate that the Talmud would advance such hideous crimes, such bizarre things which we will discuss in a moment. Are these people all anti-Semitic? I don’t take that charge lightly. The answer is yes. Without exception the people who advance these ideas are all viciously anti-Semitic. Logically speaking there should be no need for a lecture like this.

Monotheistic religions are generally not noted for being very tolerant. Generally speaking, and there are many exceptions to this, pagan religions historically have been very tolerant. If you believe that there is one G-d and there is no other and this is the only way, so it doesn’t leave a lot of room for the Harry Krishner’s. It doesn’t leave a lot of room for the guys running around in airports with yellow shmattas on and sandals and running around with paint on their head and every Jew is walking by, oiy that poor mother, right. But if you believe in 185 different gods so if somebody comes up with another, so you have 186. It basically doesn’t disturb the whole rubrics. So it’s another one. However, although what I have told you is the case, Judaism is the notable exception because the Jewish faith teaches, as our Sages tell us, the Gemara says, that you don’t certainly, the Gemara doesn’t even have to say this that you don’t have to be Jewish to be right by G-d. Famous Talmud says in Sanhedrin that every one of you know this, that the righteous of all the nations have a place in the world to come. You know this, that if someone comes to a Rav, someone comes to a Rabbi and says I want to become a Jew, so the Rabbi sends him away. Why? Because, this is an exclusive club? No, the reason is, the basic reason is there’s no need for someone to be a Jew. A person can be right by G-d by worshipping the one G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and observing and being faithful to the 7 basic Noachide laws. So if you’re going to take someone who wants to convert to Judaism and let’s say today they drive on Shabbos, and eat hamburgers from McDonalds, so there’s no sin. If a Rabbi’s going to take such an individual and convert him to Judaism, so and that person will drive on the Sabbath day, and he eat that which is not kosher and not feed the poor and not clothe the naked and not protect the orphan and the widow, G-d is going to require it of that person. So what Rabbi wants to create sinners? It’s better the person should be a gentile.

Judaism teaches that every person is created in the image of the Almighty. Christianity has been until recently our greatest opressors. You should know that in Islam they invent nothing. You can look when you go home you can look at your computer. When you get in your car you can look where you car was made. When you look at a medicine you can look where the medicine was invented. I guarantee you nothing came from Egypt and it wasn’t made in Libya and medical advances that have saved your life and your families’ life didn’t come from Saudi Arabia. All the technology that these Arab countries have with the billions of petroleum is all imported. They’ve contributed nothing to society. The only thing that the Egyptians give us is some cotton, and that’s the end. The only maybe is, the only democracy in the Arab world, in France we see something.
And in the exact same way the anti-Semitism that we see that is launched against our people from the Islamic world, from the Arab world it is all also plagiarized, none of it is original. When you see the caricatures in the Egyptian press how the Jew is presented, it’s in the way that the church did for 2000 years. None of it is original.

2 years ago on Purim there was on the front page of the Saudi Arabian, the main paper there, the front page, whatever it was, the Riad Times, whatever they got there, the front page that the Jews use blood to make homentashen. They take the blood of Muslim children and they use it. You know what a homentashen is? The triangular cake that the Jews eat on Purim. None of you know how to bake here? They say that the integral ingredient is blood. It is interesting that in Christian and in Islam who launched these attacks, both of them that if you’re not a Christian, you’re going to hell.  There’s no hope for you sir.

Mark 16, this is getting all depressing, Mark 16:16 says if you believe and you’re baptized you’re saved and if you believe if not you’re damned. You can be a nice person. You can be a fine individual but if you don’t believe, so first, that’s the second Thessalonians, chapter 1, verse 8 says that you’ll go into an eternal lake of fire and you know, talking about glass houses and Revelations describes synagogues. We are sitting in a synagogue now. Synagogues, according to Revelations is really a den of Satan. It says it openly. And in John 8:44 it says that from the mouth of Jesus that the Jews are the seed of the devil. So you think that Christianity would have been more careful not to launch such invectives against the children of Israel, given their vulnerability. They shouldn’t attack our sacred literature, and Islam and their teachings both in the Koran and the Hadif are outrageous. Jews are the children of monkeys and pigs and so on and so forth. What is the purpose of this?

Exactly, the purpose of this is to dehumanize the Jewish people, because if there can be a modicum that the Jews have the truth it can become very dangerous. And given that Christianity holds, believes that one minute before Jesus was born, who had the truth. Every Christian would have to say, the Jews. And incidently, they wouldn’t say the Sadducees and they wouldn’t say some off big crazy group back then. They would have to tell you, wouldn’t say the Assyians they would say the Pharisees which are essentially Orthodox Jews. If you’re Conservative or Reform don’t be insulted. Those movements didn’t exist back then.

So therefore there’s a great credibility, and if you study racism. When I went to college and I studied, went to school social work, so the course I took that was most, what I learnt the most from, I think I discussed this when I spoke about Mel Gibson’s film ‘The Passion’ the last time I spoke in this town, so I explained that in order for a people to commit crimes against another they must always dehumanize them, always. Someone believes that you’re equal then how could you perpetrate such crimes. How could you cut somebody’s head off? That’s why when the terrorists take, nab Jews and Christians. You look at them, they’re cutting their heads off, not shooting them which is more anti-septic, but cutting their heads off and not cutting their heads off with a guillotine but with a knife in the most hideous thing and I thank G-d that they film it. I feel like sending them all cameras because the world should know the truth, but how is it possible? How could it be? Because in their minds these individuals are infidels and therefore they’re dehumanized, therefore all crimes can be committed against them. But all the Muslims that they had kidnapped, all the people that belonged to the faith of the terrorists who were taken were ultimately freed. None of them were murdered. Why? Because they couldn’t dehumanize them because they were worshipping in the way that they worshiped.

I have mentioned to you that one of the great ironies of World War II is that while the Europeans were murdering 1/3 of all of European Jewry was destroyed. In 1940 there were roughly 18 million Jews in the world. By the end of 1945 there were 12 million. All of Polish Jewry was destroyed. Not only were there Jews who couldn’t get out, had no way to get to America. The doors in this country were closed since the mid 1920’s. There were no escape for you are here as a Jew you probably your family came here before the 1920’s, almost certainly so. The British had made sure that millions would die. Jews were trying to flee Hitler’s ovens, they had nowhere to run. The land of Israel, the Holy Land would have been a perfect place for them to escape but in 1939 the British had signed the White Paper. You have to know this, you have to know this in your head so that when you see the Tony Blair’s and so on make the same, where are they coming from? So they passed a, it’s an infamous paper The White Paper, they restricted Jewish immigration to the land of Israel. I don’t like using the name Palestine, to essentially about 1500 Jews a month, which basically sealed the fate of European Jewry. There was no way to get out. They didn’t even allow the 1500 that were in the quota.

While this is occurring, that is while the Germans were murdering the Jews, over a million of them were children. While the Ukranians were volunteering to join the special squads that would go out an murder and while the Lithuanians, you know that almost all Lithuanian Jewry was murdered during World War II, but they weren’t murdered by the Nazis. Almost all of them were murdered by next door neighbors, by Lithuanians, who just as soon as they were given the opportunity they just went out and murdered the whole Jewish community. Only about 10% of Lithuanian Jewry survived World War II, while all of Europe with some a few exceptions were slaughtering the Jews, or the best stood by silently, there was something strange that was happening. The allies of the Nazis, namely the Japanese were saving Jews by the thousands. And they weren’t saving Jews who were dark skinned, they weren’t saving Jews of North Africa. After all, North African Jewry was in great danger. Had Rommel not failed, what would have happened to Jews in Morocco and so on. They were saving European Jews. Jews that looked like you and me, by the thousands.

Now the Japanese, as I mentioned a moment ago were allies of the Nazis, which makes this all strange. It’s not like they just, they decided to do something righteous. So some group that was not even a part of the whole conflict. No, these were the allies of the Nazis. There was a very famous letter that was sent to the Emperor of Japan by Jules Streicher who was one of the 10 that were executed in Nuremberg in October of 1946. Streicher was executed because he was a propagandist, he was the editor of Der Streumer. He wasn’t executed, convicted for shooting anybody. He made it possible, through his material, through the literature hatred that was able to drive Europeans to murder Jews. Of course he wasn’t working with a blank page. He was working with the European society that was pregnant with hatred, that was built on a teaching of contempt, that had scapegoated the Jewish people. He writes a letter to the Emperor of Japan, how could you do this? How could you save them? Don’t you know what you’re doing, you’re letting Jews into your country, they’ll come and sconce on your society, they’ll take over your banks. And the Emperor of Japan, wrote back to Streicher a very famous letter saying: Essentially, and I’m paraphrasing, my gosh that’s exactly the kind of people we need. And he allowed 9000 more Jews into the country. How could it be? How is it shayach such a crazy thing? Are the Europeans genetically different than Japanese? I don’t think so.

The difference is that the Europeans were poisoned with literature about the Jews, this type of literature that the Jews were subhuman. That they have an inner society that controls the world. As you heard Ralph Mader describing a Presidential candidate, congress as Israel’s puppet, the Jews control the world. The Jews are a parasitical and dangerous people. It’s a completely different kind of racism than the kind of racism against black people. Many people in America didn’t fear black people, they simply considered them less than white people and therefore were simply property. They weren’t afraid of them. The Jews they were afraid of the Jews, would conquer them, would destroy them. That was the nature of the Jew.

And people say, oh, we have to learn more about each other. We have to, if Arabs and Jews would sit together they would learn more, they would sit and they would go swimming together and they would climb a mountain together. You saw that something, epis a Palestinian and an Israeli climb up on top of the mountain. They thought this was world peace because they jumped on top of the mountain. A goy and a Jew, they’re finished. If they would sit and climb mountains and swimming and flying in the air together certainly that would eliminate every problem. We have to just to live with it. That’s of course nonsense. Any study of history would tell you that the people who persecuted us the most are the ones who knew most about our religion and their religions were closest to ours.
None of you here ever walked into a store and was called some dirty word by a Buddhist, it never happened. You wouldn’t even know if it happened, they wouldn’t know. Why? Because their literature says in virtually nothing about you, that’s why. And their literature certainly doesn’t say anything evil about you, but because the Arab literature, because the Islamic literature, because Christian literature says horrible things about the Jews, it’s the literature that dehumanizes us, and that is the purpose of this.

And tonight we’re going to examine the assault on the Talmud and how it designed to demonize the Jews in ways that probably your imagination could not even contain. Many people might ask the question, what is the Talmud? I heard the word Talmud, Gemara, Mishnah bantered about but really I didn’t go to Yeshivah growing up, I’m really not sure what it is and so I’m just going to take a moment so you’ll understand what it is. 
The Talmud essentially is many things. First of all it’s enormous. The Talmud I think is nearly 6000 pages, 63 volumes of the major work of the Talmud. It is compiled of both the Mishnah which goes back, let’s say to about from 200 BCE to about 200 CE. That part is basically written in Hebrew, and then you have the Talmud part which is in Aramaic, and those are the students of these individuals. But the word Talmud essentially refers to the body of literature that no 1, records the oral law. Judaism records that when Moses our teacher gave us the Torah, he not only gave us the Torah but he also gave us instructions in how to observe the Torah. What is written in the Torah is the Written Law and how to observe it is the Oral Law.

For example, people are confused by it. Some people think the Written Law has, lets say people know there are 613 commandments so people think maybe 313 are in the Written Law and 300 in the Oral Law. No, all 613 commandments are written in the Torah, are in the 5 books of Moses.

The Torah, the Oral Law is to tell us how to do it, how to perform it. It’s akin, le’havdil, it’s akin to lets say you’ll take out the Philadelphia Inquire right, you’ll take a scissor and you’ll cut out all the headlines and you’ll put it on the wall. So if you look at the headlines alone you’ll have a clue of what the story is about but you won’t really know the details, and the details are in the story. So lets take a typical Philadelphia Inquire day, in the upper right hand corner above the fold you’ll have a story like lets say, Israel kills 13 year old Palestinian boy. It’s a typical day right. So but you won’t know how he was killed and what treachery did Israel commit against this little boy. So that’s the details. So the Torah says as an example, that if you want to slaughter an animal but it’s not for the purpose of sacred sacrifices in the Temple, but you want to just, you want to have hamburgers. So you can’t kill an animal any way, you can’t shoot it in the head. You can’t bang it or zets it. The Torah says in Deuteronomy chapter 12 that you must kill the animal in the manner that I have shown you, verse 21. So you’ll say to somebody, where does it say how to slaughter an animal? So you’ll search in the Torah all day long and you’ll find it nowhere. That’s contained in the Oral Law.

The Torah says a person has to wear phylacteries and bind it on the head, by the mind. What does it look like? How does it look? How is it to be built? How is it to be designed? That’s in the Oral tradition.
Our Sages tell us that although the nations of the world will have access to the written law, they’ll know what it says in the written law. And in Parshas Va’eschanan, in Deuteronomy, it says that the nations will say, what a great people that have such a wise law such as this. But our Sages tell us that the nations of the world would never have access to the Oral tradition. In fact every morning you say it in davening, in your prayers. It says, most people say they daven through it quickly. They don’t realize what they’re saying. It says magid devorov l’Ya’akov. It’s the last verses of psalm 147. Magid devorov l’Ya’akov – what does that mean? He gave his words, devorov,his words, to Jacob. He told his words to Jacob. The words, the plural is written in Oral law, and therefore chukov u’mishpotov l’Yisrael, and therefore Israel has the precepts and the statues, loi oso chein l’chol goi, the Almighty has done this for no other nation and therefore, mishpotim bal yedo’um hallelukah, Thy precepts they do not understand, praise Hashem. It’s a verse. It pays next time, tomorrow morning when you’re davening and maybe it’s going a little quickly, it’s okay you slow down and think about what I’ve just said to you it will be a holy thing.

And you should know in the King James bibles you can’t say devorov, plural, because they don’t believe in the Oral Law. So you’ll see in the King James bible it says he gave his word, singular, not words, plural.
Although originally the Oral Law was only meant to be transmitted orally. It was given to Moses orally. He gave it to Joshua. Joshua gave it to the elders and it was passed onto the Prophets. When the children of Israel were enduring, perhaps the worst period in our history besides the holocaust, and that’s the period of the destruction of the Second Temple, our people went through a terrible catastrophe. And now we’re during the 3 weeks so we think about this, but in many ways the destruction of the Second Temple was worse than the destruction of the First Temple. When the First Temple was destroyed the entire nation with few exceptions went to Babylon. And when they went to Babylon, after the destruction of the First Temple, there were great Prophets and Sages who had left earlier, who had arrived there earlier who had already built great institutions in Bavel so when Jews arrived after the destruction of the First Temple that was destroyed by the Babylonians, they came and there were synagogues there. Ezekiel was there. Can you imagine arriving and you have people like Ezekiel waiting for you. Yechezkel the great Prophet was there. The people were together and they were together in a place where there were already institutions in place.

Some Jews did go to Egypt, including the prophet Jeremiah himself. But when the Second Temple was destroyed that didn’t happen at all. When the Second Temple, was horrific, deaths in the 10’s and 10’s and hundreds of thousands were killed and the Jews were, by slaves they were spread throughout the Roman Empire. Remember that the Jews represented about 9% of the Roman Empire and out of 44 million, about 4 million were Jewish. They had lost everything. It was like the lights had gone out. It was horrible. And then in the second century you have a catastrophe beyond no words. And I’m not going to go into, time will never permit this, but you had the whole Bar Kochba debacle where there was a sense a revolution that took place to retake the land of Israel back from the Romans. It was headed by Bar Kochba and he was a very popular movement, and they succeeded. They went back to the land of Israel. They retook Jerusalem. And that lasted until the year 135, 132-135. And then we went through a Hadrian period. The Romans finally after 3 years, finally were able to reclaim. Could imagine if G-d forbid Israel would lose a war, chas v’shalom and the Jews that remained what would happen to them, and what the Arabs will do with us if we lost the war. Could your mind, not one of you has an imagination that could even contemplate such an idea, contemplate such a thought.

That’s what happened, wiped out. And as a result of this very dark period in Jewish history it was no longer possible to allow the Oral tradition to pass orally because so much would be forgotten. And it was over this period, and it’s really a much, extended period of time that the Oral Law was recorded, was recorded with notes and ultimately was edited and about 1500 years ago we have the Talmud of what it is today.
About, I don’t know about 80% of the Talmud is halacha, Jewish law, and its discussion, its ramifications. Probably about 20% of it is what’s called Agadata. And its meaning, halacha is easy to describe, it’s Jewish Law and it’s discussion and arguments and so on. Agadata is basically teachings, agadata means to tell over, stories that carry tremendous moral teachings. The Agadata often are very, very obscure, difficult to understand, highly parabolic, often highly esoteric, although that’s not the case. And you should know that because of the nature of Agadata in specifically of this type of Midrashic literature that was only intended to be transmitted from a Rabbi to a student, because it’s very difficult to understand without it, virtually impossible. It leaves the Talmud and that type of sacred literature highly vulnerable to abuse of those who are enemies of the faith of Israel.

The Talmud itself is a very vulnerable document. Even the halachic part of the Talmud which deals in laws is very, very vulnerable to abuse as well, and I’ll explain why. Because, the Talmud is very, very difficult to understand, very difficult. Why? In fact, you know among students of the Talmud, a person goes to yeshivah, it is regarded as a very high level if someone can simply read a portion of the Talmud and understand on his own, figure out what the Talmud is saying. It’s called make a leining, it’s called. If somebody can make a leining. You imagine that if you should have a discipline that if you open the book you, just understand what you’re reading, forget about depth, and so on, just understand, requires great scholarship. Talmud does, why? Some people think because it’s written in Aramaic. That’s not true at all. It has nothing to do with the language. It has to do with the reason why it is virtually a nightmare to understand what the Talmud is saying is because the Talmud is written cryptically. Meaning you have thoughts that are simply missing. The Talmud is essentially a scholarly work and there’s a presupposition that the person studying it either is already a scholar or is studying at the foot of a master who’s a scholar and therefore huge thoughts are simply missing from the literature.

Artscroll has done something monumental and along with the Rav Steinzalts. What is the great innovation? The Talmud had been translated before. You’ll notice that Artscroll has to add in words that are not in bold to just fill in so you’ll understand what it’s even saying and that’s the great innovation of the Artscroll Talmud. And if you’ll look you’ll see that what they’re adding in and you can always tell because what is in bold in English is literally a translation and what is not in bold, is in a simple clear font, that is interpolated by the translator. You’ll see there’s much more non bold than bold, which means that a whole huge segments in the Talmud that just aren’t there.

There’s, therefore the Talmud could only be studied under a master, only be transmitted this way, and therefore as a result of huge missing thoughts, where the Talmud assumes that certainly you know what it means, you surely know what it’s referring to, this creates an enormous vulnerability.

There is another reason why the Talmud is so vulnerable to abuse, and you need to know this. If the Talmud is the compilation of Jewish law for all generations that would follow, there’s a huge problem. How could you possibly record every possible case that would ever come up? It’s not possible. There’s an infinite number of cases and questions that will arise in the future, and the Sages were writing a document that was to go for eternity and from this document all Jewish law could be derived. Once the Talmud was sealed it was immediately accepted by all Jewish communities around the world and that became authoritative. But how do you write a document, how do you record law that any case possible outcome could be derived from it, when you cannot possibly record an infinite number of cases? It’s not possible. And not only that, there will be advances in technology. There will be new ideas, new philosophies. There will be new avenues that will discovered, new human conditions that would exist that didn’t exist at the time. How is it possible? And therefore what the Talmud did was, the cases that it examined and the cases that it argued over were the most extreme, so that everything else could be understood from it. And that’s why there are many cases in the Talmud where the Talmud says, hocho bemai askinon, do you know what it’s talking about here. And the Talmud would then tell you a scenario, and you read it. If I would read it to you some of you would start laughing, it’s absolutely bizarre, strange. It makes no sense, because these cases would virtually never occur. They would never happen in human life. But just like in a laboratory when you want to study a chemical, so if you went to high school or college you took labs, and you want to know how does one chemical interact with another material, so they don’t go to the store and buy ammonia, or buy something from your Pathmark, or whatever your Shoprite, they have bottles that are hermetically sealed that come from distributors that say on it exactly what it is. It’s 100% pure whatever it is, sodium whatever it is, kind of some shtink like poison they put in there. It’s perfect. What did they. Now I’ll tell you the truth, nothing that we use in the real world is perfect. This suit is not 100% wool, there’s all kinds of other pigments in it and all kinds of things.

In the real world nothing is, this not pure wood, there’s all kinds of shlacking, there’s probably 250 carcinogens to cover this, to protect. How could it be? Why would they use something in a laboratory that would never be used in the real world? Because you want to be sure the outcome, you want to be sure the cause and effect relationship. If you don’t have something pure you’re never sure about the outcome. You’re not sure what the cause and effect relationship is. So therefore if you take something that is absolutely extreme so you know that everything else.

Let me give you an example. When you open up Tractate Kiddushin, so the Mishnah right away begins, first page starts off a man can marry a woman with 3 things, with kesef, with money, with a shtar, with a document, with bi’ah, with the relationship that they have. So right away the Talmud has a question, and that is, if a man could acquire a woman with money, he gives her money and that’s how the marriage is made. Today in a wedding a man puts on his bride a gold ring on her finger. So the question the Talmud immediately asks is. What’s the question? How much money is the minimum amount that a man can acquire a wife with? Fair question, how much do I need? It’s a typical Jewish question. A goy would say, sounds good, is she pretty? A Jew’s going, oh how much is it going to cost? So right away, as you can imagine there’s a big discussion, a big fight breaks out. I’m going to transpose it for today’s d’var but basically there’s a big argument Beis Shammai and Beis Hillel of what the minimum amount of value that a man can give a woman to marry her.

So classical antagonists in halacha, in Jewish law and essentially Beis Shammai says the minimum amount that a man has to give a woman in order to marry her is a dollar. Beis Hillel says a penny. Lets stop right there. I just want to speak to the men for a moment, the women don’t have to listen to this part. I’m just talking to the guys. All of you guys know, I see some single fellows here. All of you guys you should know, what’s your name? Eric, Eric, if you try to marry your bride with either a dollar or a penny, the likelihood is that you will become air born and fly through a window. That means in truth no guy is going to get any woman who gets a dollar or a penny she is at the window. So what are they arguing? You know it’s a very bizarre thing. You’ll find this constantly in Talmud, where it narrows in on something and ignores every other issue. Why? Because we know that if it’s a dollar or a penny what it ultimately means is that everybody agrees that anything less than a penny is definitely you cannot acquire a woman and everyone agrees that a dollar or more you can. And the area of disagreement is extremely narrow. Every other emotional issue is ignored. That’s very important for you to understand.

The Gemara has cases, I won’t even go onto. Some of them you wouldn’t even believe me because it’s not interested in the reality of it, it’s interested in narrowing on that unique. What are the consequences? By arguing over the dollar and the penny tells us that this is the latitude from that Rabbis later on could then decide infinite number of cases. Because the Gemara engages in such type of extremely scholarly, narrow, hair splitting arguments. This by the way goes against all the arguers who come and say oh they argue so much. How could it be from G-d. How could the Oral Law be from G-d, you see they’re arguing over everything. If you look at what they’re arguing? They’re arguing over a minutiae, they agree on all the major principles which would be an absurdity.

Because of this it’s important to know that the Talmud is therefore also vulnerable to abuse because it uses extreme cases and these cases are bizarre. They ignore the reality of life because they’re interested in focusing on a cause and effect relationship. What specifically in that area creates a marriage, what doesn’t create a marriage. All other issues are ignored. And studying the material of those who are assault and attack the Talmud. There are thousands of websites, many, many, many books. There are 3 major categories of how accusations against the Gemara are formed. They conform to 3 categories, that I found.

Category number:

1. is that the Talmud contains passages that are blasphemous against Jesus and Mary. Horrible statements in the Talmud about Christianity.

2. The Talmud has ridiculous and immoral statements. I’ll explain everything.

3. That the Talmud has laws that are racist and anti-gentile.

We do not have the opportunity that we are together to go through and examine every single text that they use. It’s not possible. Time would never permit it.

What I would like to do with you today is to examine these 3 accusations and examine the basic techniques that are used to manipulate, assault, smear, the work of our Sages of Blessed memory. And my hope of course is that once you know this, you will know at least where to begin and where to look. This is not an area that is difficult. Virtually all of them, all the accusations and assaults, if you’ll look it up you’ll almost always see the answer immediately. There are other areas that require other assaults, other slanders, maybe used by the media against Israel that are more complex, you have to know more about history or the modern state of Israel, and so on. But with the Talmud it’s usually very easy to identify the accusations are very base. This type of anti-Semitism is very vulgar. It’s very appealing to ignorant masses. The people who write them they’re not worried in the slightest bit that someone is going to look up, that someone is going to go into a Beis Hamedrash in Brazil and look up if it actually says it or not and therefore the vast majority of the accusations that are made do not even exist. We’ll start right there.

If you go through any of these websites and you just look it up. In most cases you’ll sit there looking and looking and it just isn’t there. 

Another technique that’s used which is in all cases, is the text is taken completely out of context and often the words are mistranslated. Many people ask me the question. Who is responsible for all this? Who did it? This essentially started back in the 13th Century. Started with of course a Jew, who else, a man, an apostate Jew, one of the great enemies of the children of Israel. Just like today the greatest adversaries of our people are Jews, whether Noam Shamsky, Norman Finkelsteins, the men and women from the International Solidarity Movement, many of them are Jewish, the Adam Shapiro’s. In history great enemies of our nation came from within the nation. Over 300 Jews that spite for the Nazis during World War II, many of them joined the Nazis. Some of the greatest, most miserable enemies of our nation were Jewish.

That man in the 13th Century, his name was Nicholas Dunnan, Nicholas Dunnan was an apostate Jew. He first became a Kara’ite, which is a sect, the cult that rejected the Oral Tradition, and then he converted to Christianity and ultimately he brought to St. Louis the 9th, which the city is named after and the baseball team, the notion that the Talmud was filled with blasphemy. In France the Talmud was put on trial in 1242. The defenders of the Talmud at that time were Ba’alei Tosefos, the most famous was Rabbi Yechiel of Paris. He was the leading scholar. It was the same kind of court that just took place in the Hague, judging Israel’s fence; it was a bigoted kangaroo court. There was never a chance. You know Israel never stood a chance in the Hague and the Jews never stood a chance in the French court. And ultimately you’re going to read about this in a few, in 2 weeks from now on Tisha B’av. Of course the Talmud lost the trial and the Talmud, 24 crate loads of handwritten Talmuds were burnt in Paris.

A couple of decades later Nachmanides had a debate with Pablo Christiani, he was also a Jew. He was drawn in by a man named Raymond Marchini. These were Dominicans, and Raymond Marchini would invent things in the Talmud and Medrash that did not even exist. So that’s where the tradition goes, and if you have Anton Margorita, a German in the 16th Century, also a Jew, and so on.

The leading individual, the most important work in recent time is the work written by a Catholic priest. His name is Reverend Justin Prantis. Now he wrote the book, it’s called “The Talmud Unmasked”. The subtitle is called the ‘secret rabbinical teachings concerning Christians.’ It was written at the end of the 19th century. His bio reads as following. He’s a master of theology and professor of Hebrew language and the imperial Ecclesiastical Academy of the Roman Catholic Church in Old St. Petersburg. The Reverend Prantis was the greatest of students of the Talmud. His complete command of the Hebrew language qualified him to analyze the Talmud as very few people in history. This individual of course was a virulent anti-Semite as you can imagine. He lived obviously during the days of Nicholi the second. You know this is Czarist Russia. It’s of course strange when they say that he was a great master of the Hebrew language and so on, because the Talmud isn’t even written in Hebrew. So what help that would give him nobody is sure.

This person you probably never heard of is the author of the book, before this program. But you probably know about him because of a case that he participated in, and that was the famous the Beilis blood libel of 1912. And this takes place in Kiev. A Jew, whose name was Menachem Mendel Beilis, and he was accused of murdering a 12 year old Christian boy. This is again 1912, this is not 17th Century, probably they knew exactly who committed the crime. There was a big trial that took place and it was an international event. Great demonstrations, how could you do this, it’s not part of Judaism. And the New York Times, at that time The New York Times was not so bad. Their editorials condemned, it was world wide condemnation that such a blood libel, such an antiquated accusation, charge, was made against the Jews and the chief individual who brought the foundation for scientific evidence that killing children and using their blood for the matzah was this individual, Reverend Justin Prantis. Okay.

The Chief Rabbi of Moscow was brought there and he was the one who interrogated him at the trial. We have the minutes of the trial. If you want a great book to read it’s called ‘The Blood Accusation: The strange history of the Beilis case”. It was written by Morris Segal. It was published back in 1966. It’s readily available and you can literally read the minutes of how the Rabbi questioned his evidence. And I just want to read this to you because you could see that this was all nonsense. His scholarship was a fraud. I just want to read to you a few Q and A’s between the Rabbi and this Reverend. Rabbi Jacob Maza. He was the Chief Rabbi of Moscow asked him, what is the meaning of the word ‘chulin’. The answer: I don’t know. Chulin is the name of a Tractate in the Talmud. So if he had knowledge of the Talmud he would certainly know the name of the book. Chulin refers to that kind of food that is profane, meaning is not offered in the Temple but is not holy, it’s not sacred, it’s ordinary. That’s what that Tractate deals with.

What is the meaning of Eiruvin, the chief Rabbi asked him. Answer: Oh you read the book. Eiruvin is also a name of a Tractate that deals with the laws of setting up certain areas that are demarcated so one could for example carry on the Sabbath day.

What is the meaning of Yevamot. His answer: I don’t know, these are the minutes. This is reference to a levarite marriage, of a brother who dies and the younger brother marries the widow.

His final question I’ll share with you is. When did Baba Basra live, and what was her activity? I guess Bobba. His answer: So you know the book by heart. So now you understand what kind of individual we’re dealing with.

Let’s now go through the examples. First, I told you the first accusation is that the Talmud contains passages that are blasphemous against Mary and Jesus, that are blasphemous against Christianity. Now although I am going to demonstrate to you that this argument is false. It’s a completely ridiculous argument. It’s just very clear that Judaism doesn’t believe in Christianity. It’s very clear that in a Christian fundamentalist view, any other religion is blasphemy. If you are not a Christian, that means that you don’t believe in Jesus is the Messiah, you don’t believe he’s a Prophet. You don’t believe he was born of a virgin, you don’t believe he rose 3 days later, then you are a blasphemy. Why would Judaism be judged by a Christian world view? I mean Christianity would be, I mean we’re big boys and girls here, we can talk. Judaism, I mean in Judaism, Christianity is blasphemous. I mean let’s be frank here, it just needs to be said upfront that if Christians are looking for advocates for their religion they’re not going to find it in Jewish literature. It’s just a simple matter.

All of the Sages of Israel, every one, every author in the Talmud, you know, would have died, any of our Sages would have given his life rather than become a Christian. Rashi’s own father, the greatest commentator on the Talmud and all of Jewish literature, his father was murdered in the first Crusade because he was a Jew, because he refused to give up his faith. The notion that because someone believes, I mean even a Christian would concede that if Jesus is not the Messiah, he is not the son of G-d, if he’s not G-d manifest in a flash then it’s idolatory to believe that he is. Every Christian would see this. So the whole notion is ridiculous.
Another point that needs to be said. Christianity is virtually never discussed in the Talmud, because first of all it’s very unimportant. It was very unimportant because the more you go back in time and in place to the beginnings of Christianity the less likely it is that you will find anyone that believed in it. As you move away from the first century, from the Christian century, the more likely it is that you’ll find people that believe in Christianity. By the way if you take Mount Sinai, it’s exact reverse. As you go back both in time and in place to Mt Sinai the more likely it is you’ll find people that believe in it, that believe in the natural revelation. As we move away from Mt. Sinai well the less likely, and those are 2 inverted models. And the question is what does that say to you?

Moreover in Babylon, where the Babylonian Talmud was put together, Christianity had not gone there yet, so it was very insignificant. So although the Talmud would deal with many heretics and many of them are a big hit in the Talmud and get a lot of ink in the Talmud, Christianity gets virtually nothing. In fact one could even argue that there is absolutely nothing.

It should be said from the outset that because for 2000 years that the church has without mercy slaughtered our people and brought unspeakable misery to our nation, there was definitely an antagonism clearly that developed among the Jews towards Christianity. This antagonism could be seen in other books that were written by Jews, pamphlets that are not sacred, not holy, certainly, and certainly if someone murdered your entire family, they’re not going to have good will towards the religion that produced such individuals. Just like people today don’t feel wonderful thoughts when they think about Islam in the United States because after 9/11 and after watching what happened to Berg and watching all these horrible, people don’t. There’s no question about that.

But what’s important to remember is the way this accusation is made there are people who are, movements that are referred to in the Talmud that have nothing to do with Christianity and they simply, what all of them do, is they take any name that refers to gentile, we go through the list. This is their claim, any name such as minim, edom, avodah zorah, akum, ovdei elilim, nochrim, amei ha’aretz, kutim, apikursim and goyim all refers to Christianity. So that means that anything says nations, heretics, anything, that means they’re talking about Jesus.

Second issue is that Yeshu was a very popular name back then. There are a couple of Jesus’ in the New Testament. The Talmud has 14 people named Hillel, 61 people named Elazar, 61 named Huna and 8 people called Yeshu in the Talmud. It’s just a popular name. People don’t use that name any longer because it’s become equated with Christianity and it’s been equated with suffering. Josephus lists 20 different people that are named Jesus, and at least 10 of them who lived during the first century.

So as a result of this, texts are used, in other words even in Talmud where you have somebody who was an apikores, or somebody who was an enemy or somebody who created problems among the Jewish people, they did not even live during the time when Christianity says that they did and therefore the Talmud is speaking about them. In fact when the church says that you have a student of Rabbi Shimon ben Perachya and he was a seducer, he was a sorcerer, and he was an idol worshipper and he caused other Jews to sin and ultimately he was executed, and this is referring to the Jesus of Christianity and therefore the Jews were really the ones to admit that they crucified Christ, these are their words. What they’re doing is creating enormous problems for themselves because Rabbi Yehoshua ben Perachya lived essentially during the time of Chanukah, lived 150 years before the 1st century, and there’s actually a theory that’s been around for a couple of centuries and that theory is that there was never a person named Jesus. But what people did was they took this personality that already existed in the Talmud, a couple of centuries before, it was like a composite personality of this individual with Hillel, and they put it together and that’s how they came up with Jesus. And then there’s a second individual that lived in the time of Rabbi Akiva, named Yeshu, that’s second century, but also would have nothing to do.

So they claim with Jesus, the problems that they create are. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on that.

I want to really spend the remainder of our time on the other 2 accusations. One is that the Talmud contains bizarre and immoral teachings. What I’d like to do is just go through some of the most common claims, and obviously those claims when there is in some sense some truth to it, that the statement there actually does exist or in some fashion exists. Let me give you a couple of examples:

Child molestation is in the Talmud. And any one of these websites unfortunately in some Messianic websites and Arab websites they quote a Gemara in Tractate Yevamos 11b, and they quote the Talmud as saying that sexual intercourse with a little girl is permitted if she is 3 years of age. Up till 3 years of age you can have intercourse with a girl. It’s hard to imagine a charge that is more serious than that. I want to quote now the Talmud and what it says: Rabbi Yehuda said in the name of Rav. I’m not going to go through the whole text. A male child who has relations with a female adult, a male child here is referring to a male who is under the age of 9 years old, causes her to be like one who is injured with a stick. Rav said this is what is meant, an adult male who has relations with a female child, which means a child who is under the age of 3, has done nothing at all, because when a girl is less than 3 years old it’s like sticking your finger in an eyeball. Imagine what that kind of lesson does to someone in Paris reading that, that’s what it says in Talmud, most revered text.

You hear this and you’re kind of thrown back. Amongst pious Jews, people who are very faithful, not only such ideas are unimaginable, a religious man doesn’t even touch the hand of a woman who he is not related to or married to. Doesn’t sit in a room alone, doesn’t listen to the voice of a woman who is singing who is not his immediate relative or wife. Go to any, go to Meah Shearim, you go to a city where pious Jews are to be found, you never would see a husband and wife showing enormous physical affection for each other in public. It’s considered inappropriate. So such a charge is of course something extraordinary. It’s a very serious charge. What is the Gemara talking about? If somebody would look at that section of Talmud you’ll see that the Gemara is not talking at all about morality and religious morality. The Gemara says in many, many places that anyone who has relations with a minor it’s as if he raped her. It’s ironic that there are so many statements in the Talmud and religious life about the religious approach to a man and a woman and how their relationship should be. Never are these texts quoted, never, not one of them, because none of them would help their cause. These texts are dealing with the issue of what’s called the reverse dowry, the ketubah. And the Talmud is dealing with the issue of how much does a woman get, receive for a ketubah, it’s called the marriage document, but it’s really not a normal document because a normal document is a bilateral document. In exchange for one thing you get something else. A ketubah is a completely unilateral document. It’s a contract where the man promises the woman that if he divorces her he will pay her to sustain her if he divorces her. And this protects her in the world around Judaism where women were regarded as nothing more than cattle. And that goes on today in the Arab world and places like Saudi Arabia. So thousands of years ago our Sages ensured that women’s rights were protected, their lives were protected. In fact the Gemara says, assur l’adam she’yesh ishoi afilu sho’o achas b’loi kesubo – it is forbidden for a man to be with his wife even one hour without such a document to protect her. Now not every woman received the same amount of this sort of guarantee.

A girl who is a virgin who gets married, she is entitled to 200 units, which is essentially enough for her to live on, and a woman who is not a virgin she receives 100. Okay, very simple. So the Gemara is dealing with a question of what happens if a woman lost her virginity but not through a sexual act. Let’s say a woman lost her virginity because of an injury, as an example. Is that considered, is she considered a virgin? Does she get 200, the Talmud is not dealing at all with the issue of is it right, it’s not even on the page. It’s dealing with what does it constitute, a virgin or not a virgin. So the Gemara first of all explains a point and that is, children, a boy under 9 years old is incapable of being a sexual partner. In halacha a boy who is under 9 cannot have sex. And if something that simulates sex occurs we do not regard it as something that’s sexual. A girl under 3 cannot have sex halachically.

Moreover, the Gemara says that the bodies of children that are injured are regenerative. We know now, in science we know that little boys and girls if a finger chops off they’ll grow another finger. That will not happen to adults but it happens to little children. Their bodies are growing and their bodies will regenerate and the Gemara says that a girl under 3 years old who physically loses her virginity because obviously she had been raped, so that child literally her hymen will re-grow and that it will be right back intact, as if nothing happened. Meaning, nothing physical has happened. And the Gemara using, as I explained earlier using a language that is literal to understand the point, why, to set up the extremes of Jewish law so all future generations can understand, ignoring all of the emotional ramifications, says it’s like sticking a finger in an eyeball. What happens? If you stick a finger in an eyeball, what happens? Tears come out of your eyes, to wash it away. Now when those tears come out of the eyes does your eye then lose the water like spilling a cup out? No, the eye is then able to, whatever is in here is able to produce whatever it is so that more tears can come out, if you stick your eye in again. There’s no shortage of statements throughout the Jewish law about the sanctity of marriage, but it gives you a sense of what happens to the mind of an Austrian who reads such a text. It goes, helps you understand what happens to a Muslim living in Ramallah when he’s introduced to such material, that oh, a people who hold this book sacred, who teach such ideas, of course you can blow them up. Of course you can blow up a girl just a few hours away from her wedding in the Hillel Café as she’s sitting there with her father Dr. Applebaum. A nation vent a holocaust, only a satanic, demonic people could do such a thing. Then you can stick them in a gas chamber, then all is fine. There was never a temple, Arafat teaches that directly.
Mahmoud Abbas the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority now he’s in retirement, so he wrote a whole book in that the Jews invented the whole Holocaust. If you believe these things then you can believe anything about the Jew.

Here’s a text, it says here that G-d Himself, quote, now the word here doesn’t say G-d. The quote goes, it’s very popular, it’s all over the place, I can’t say his name, so I’m going to break it up into pieces Je-ho-va, okay, I break it up because I wouldn’t even say that because even though there’s no ‘j’ in Hebrew, himself studies the Talmud standing, he has such respect for that book. It’s a quote from the Gemara. I’m sure if any of you studied Talmud a little bit, yeah? You know what Tractate it’s in? It’s in Tractate Mechilah. Did you ever study Tractate Mechilah? There is no such tractate.

Lets go to the final point. Hate racism and hatred towards gentiles. In the end of December 2003 there was a horrible earthquake in Iran. I think epis 40,000 people were killed, it was horrific. They were living, you know, it wasn’t in Tiran in the centre city, it was 600 kilometres away, people were living in dud, dirt mud houses, everyone was wiped out. Now Iran is Israel’s sworn enemy. So you think that if Jews would have antipathy towards any people it would have towards these Muslims who despise us and all day long what do they think about in Iran? How do develop a weapon to destroy Israel. That’s all they dream about all day. And they have a missile now that can go further than Israel it can go beyond into Turkey and they’re now in the course of building a nuclear program which the world is deeply concerned about. So as you would imagine even if the Jews were average people, but here your enemy has an earthquake you think that the State of Israel would be dancing on the streets. Our enemies have problems, right, not Israel, Israel has some of the most advanced detectors for life, of the buildings and moving equipment and so on because of the bombing problems it has and dogs to fight life, because of what Jews have to deal with everyday because of what Iran does and Hizbullah. It’s an unbelievable thing. So Israel wanted to send help to its sworn enemy.

So what does Iran say, what does the government, the Islamic government, we don’t’ want your help. We don’t’ want help from Zionists. So what is it all? So you think that’s certainly an excuse to get out. People are wondering it’s time to get out, why do you have to give us our medicine. They could just get better they’d kill us, you know, no, it’s not good enough. So what does Israel do? Israel then, you’re talking about the compassion that the Jewish people have for the nations of the world because we feel responsible for them. We are here, the function of a Jew is to be a light unto the nations. So we feel when we see the goyim messing up, when we see them sinning we feel responsible for them and we feel, you know what goes on in the heart of a Jew for the nations of the world when they act this way? We see disappointment. You let us down.
That’s why in Schindler’s List, that was such an important film. That’s why you cried your brains out. Many reasons, basically it hit something in your soul because Oscar Schindler was a German. He was a person who made money off the war and had women from the war and everything and if I pose it to you that if the hero of that film would have been a Jew it would not have been as meaningful. But we saw, oh, look at this goy, he pulled himself out. He was never an anti-Semite but he was just an opportunist but he made himself great and he became a tzadik. So why did that hit your soul so hard? Why? And you can see it 20 times and you’re crying by the time it’s over on the floor. You’re crying because your soul is crying. You say look at this gentile, I’m here to be a light to the nations and this gentile pulled himself up. 
Israel then was told that they can’t send food and help to the Iranians who were injured and so on, they were looking for survivors. And so Israel then sends medicine and help to other countries to have it relabeled as coming from other European countries so then those countries would then forward it to Iran. That’s the kind of nation we have. I ask you, do the Europeans have anything to teach the nation of Israel about compassion? No.

Does the United Nations have anything to teach the Jewish people about mercy? Does the Hague have anything to teach the Jewish people? No. Setting it up. Jews teach racism towards goyim.

I’ll give you again just 2 examples. The most famous one without a question, quotes a mechilta. It’s, a mechilta is like a Talmud because it comes from the same period. Mechilta is essentially a Midrash, a volume of Midrashic literature that’s called halachic midrashim, which is strange because Midrashim we usually think of Agadata, moral teaching, stories and so on, but this is a document of halachic works and it’s the same period, and the quote is: Rav Shimon taught that it’s good. Let me just quote it exactly here. Rav Shimon said that it is good to kill even the best among the goyim, among the gentiles. You hear that. So you have here an open proof that the Jews, not only would they kill a gentile, a Palestinian. You say a Palestinian, what does he contribute to society? No, it’s good to kill even the best among the gentiles. So naturally what effect does this have on, we all need imagination.

What is it talking about? The Mechiltah and this statement is also quoted in the Gemara, this talking about when the Jews are at war. When the Jewish people are at war with the enemy, do not consider the status of the ones who are trying to kill you. There’s a strange thing going on, there’s an example, there’s a strange thing going on amongst terrorists, that all of them are surgeons and doctors and pediatricians and gynecologists. Somehow if you didn’t go through medical school you can’t join Al Aqsa Brigade. You’re a surgeon, okay fine, you can join the Al Quaeda. But there’s Arawi, he’s a doctor and Rontisi who’s in Gehinom he was the head of Hamas, he was epis a pediatrician, a surgeon, a pediatrician are like the nicest. I don’t care what kind of doctors are in the audience, the nicest doctors are all the pediatricians. It’s a fact because what a person, why does a doctor become, it’s not the most, it’s not the most biggest money making discipline within medicine. It’s probably the most difficult and probably the least, you know but people go into it because they love children, you know, they’re the ones, doctors with the smiles.

Another point is, this is the context, another understanding and we’ll see it in the text. The statement is made that when someone is coming to attack you, no matter where they are on the scale you should know that if they’re coming to kill you, you have to kill them, even the best of them. And the story we’re told is, the example with the context is and we’ll see it inside is the fact that when the Jewish people when they were told by Pharaoh after the 10th plague they were told, go free, take your people and go. So before the Jews came to the sea the Egyptians had a change of mind and they decided that wait, what are we doing,

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