Gibson’s Passion Crucified the Jews

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Why did the age-old Christian charge of deicide thrive as the Church’s most enduring accusation against the Jews? Did Mel Gibson’s blockbuster film resurrect a devastating, anti-Semitic portrayal of the Jewish people? In this presentation, Rabbi Tovia Singer explores the world’s longest hatred as he delve into the bitter teaching of contempt that permeated Christian societies.

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By kerry murphy on July 9, 2011 -- 2:01pm

I do not consider the catlic people to be christion,but i dont think there are any true christions today,at least not manny.I dont consider my self one because i am not good enuf.I think the romens killed jesus not the jews.but The jews pushed it.And as far as no one sayen that the jews are stupied,well,they sure are doing something wrong to make all those people hate them,they do seem to be the smartest people in the earth but they sure are doing somthing real stuped.And the christion need not thank the jews for haven jesus crusafide for the christions sake because,I just got to ask,If the jews are wrong and jesus is the misiya,and the jews did acept him,maybe the world would be in a lot better shap and maybe the jews would rule the earth???? that you

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