Passover Hagadah 1

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By Jordan on March 20, 2010 -- 1:50am

15 steps to the seder
15 Psalms of “ascent” - “hama’alos”
15 steps in the Temple

We recite the 15 steps.  One of the steps is grammatically different. The second one, “urchatz” starts with a vav!  None of the others do.  Must be it’s connected to the one before it (number 1).

Kadesh urchatz.  Kadesh is to sanctify and urchatz is to wash off something negative.

How do we grow?  Do we clean off the negative and then improve ourselves, or do we start work imperfectly and then clean up?

5th blessing in the standing prayer: bring us back to You and Your Torah, then bring us to repentance.  So get to work and THEN clean up.

Oh yeah?  Psalms says turn aside from evil and do good!  First clean up, then do good work.

We see two opposite orders.  Which is the one to do?  Well, who says Psalms is talking about steps 1 and 2?  It’s steps 2 and 3!

The whole process goes:
1. Do something good.  It’s not perfect, but it’s still GOOD!

2. Use the strength from the good to get away from evil.

3. Now that you’re clean, you can do perfect good.

Consider: a guy has new boots.  He’s walking with his new boots, and he’s so happy he doesn’t notice he’s walked into a muddy field.  Oy!  The shoes are dirty.  He lifts up his foot and cleans off his shoe.  That’s better.  Then the other one, which is dirty.  That’s better.  Then the other one, which is dirty.  That’s better.  Wait a minute… They guy figures out that he’s not going to be able to clean his boots until he gets out of the muddy field.  So he starts trudging through the mud.  His boots aren’t getting any cleaner, but is he making progress?

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