Personal Growth Vol. 1 - In Search of Inner Peace

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By gail chakoff on September 7, 2009 -- 4:56am

i really enjoyed the in search of inner peace #1 tape.

By Batya on April 5, 2013 -- 7:26pm

Summary: To find inner peace, we must look at our priorities. We must make sure that we are devoting enough time to self care -relaxing time, exercise, healthy eating- and to the people we love. We must make sure that we are spending our money and time wisely.

We are the only ones that can bring ourselves to true happiness. ABCDE holds us back from true fulfillment-Accusing, Blaming, Complaining, Denying, and Excuses.

The word shlema, complete, is spelled shin, lamed, mem, hey. Mem and hey spell “ma,” “what.” We must ask ourselves what are we up to in life. The last three letters in shlema spell “lama,” “why.” Why are we doing the things we are doing, and why are we heading in the direction we are? Through asking ourselves these questions, we will be lead to a complete and fulfilling life.

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