The Law of Moses & the New Covenant

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Were the Mitzvoth (commandments), transmitted by Moses, intended by God to be observed for all time, or temporarily? Missionaries contend that Jews no longer need to keep the mitzvoth because Jesus fulfilled them, and we are now under the New Covenant. Are these claims valid? Do they accurately portray the message of the Jewish scriptures? Rabbi Singer answers these questions in this must-listen-to program.

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By Xanthe on June 5, 2010 -- 5:05pm

Dear Rabbi Singer,
I love the Torah, and believe Judaism to be the true and beautiful way of devotion to HaShem.

I have a question for you:
Since the “New” testament is an adulteration of Torah, and has no scriptural consistency, then why, in your opinion, are Jesus and Christianity so popular? What’s the attraction for billions of people?


By Xanthe Lamour on December 13, 2010 -- 1:28am

I love Rabbi Singer’s shiurim so much. No one puts this message in such a clear, concise, amusing and devoted way as he does.

Thank you Rav Singer. May G-d bless you in every way, in every hour of your long and happy life, Baruch Hashem.

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