Platonic Relationships

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By Dr. Bob Butler on October 12, 2010 -- 8:07pm

This is a hillarious shiur on shomer negiah, but not for children. It contains a frank discussion of secular dating and how these practice can and r"l do invade the frum world. I would recomend this shiur to teenage girls who are struggling with tznius or shomer negiah and to all girls who are dating. Probably guys should not listen to this shiur until after they are married.

By rita zylberman on December 20, 2010 -- 10:50am

one of the most enlightening and honest evaluations of the relationship situations today.  It is unfortunate that it is hard to disseminate this information to more people and avoid so many of the the pitfalls the Rabbi talks about.

His humor, and his candor are both refreshing and inspiring.

By Luke Kolodny on February 16, 2011 -- 5:14am

I agree with the first comment.

By Itz Sher on February 18, 2013 -- 6:28pm

Can not download?

By OBED L. MWISHO on February 2, 2016 -- 8:40am

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