Successful Parenting Vol. 1 - Raising Positive Kids In A Challenging World

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By claris on August 19, 2010 -- 4:33pm

loved this presentation - where can i find vol 2 of ‘successful parenting’? Thanks

By J. van Leijen on May 7, 2012 -- 7:40pm

Very good advice in this podcast.

And I loved the way that the Torah suddenly appears in the speech (Deuteronomy 6) and it’s applied in our homes and relationships.

And the Talmud story about the hearty greeting to a stranger was great… and making the connection between real life experience being like a live commercial to your children.

We can choose to be that parent who raises our children in a meaningful way.  And the message: it’s never too late to try, was great to know!  And ending with praying to God- asking Him for help

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