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By Sheila Liberman on September 27, 2010 -- 3:44am

The article by Ken Spiro titled The golden calf, mentions that Moses went up to the mountain a second time after he destroyed the first tablets and stayed 40 days and came down again with the 10 commandments.  This day he says was Yom Kippur.  I thought the 10 commandments were given to the jewish people on simchas Torah or is that when we were given the torah and not the 10 commandments

By Lana on February 21, 2013 -- 2:26am

I thank you in advance for your efforts. I have had a very difficult relationship with my stepmother for many years she is very manipulative, jealous, and cunning by nature.  Since childhood my uncle who is her husband and my stepfather would convince to always obey her and apologize without being able to make my own decisions. She has caused a lot of abuse in our family and I am very angry at her, she does not want me to have any relationship with my family and I can only be in a good relationship with her if I am completely controlled by her. She is very possessive, several years agi I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I am very angry at her for all the emotional and psychological abuse she caused me. My stepfather enables her behavior by obeying her. Recently we had a fight because I was helping a member of my family and she got angry at me. She said I am jealous I don’t want you to be with others., those were her words…, now we do not speak…, what do I do?

By Clarissa on June 25, 2014 -- 5:26pm

Hello Rabbi,

I am in need of serious advice and I´m sure you will be able to help me. I just discovered my jewish roots. I am now reading and dedicating my life to the Torah and will even fly to Israel for a week. I have never felt this happy in my life before, finding G-d and my jewish roots. However, I live in Germany. We do not have many active synagogues,which is understandable. There are two synagogues close enough to where I live but I´ve been having a hard time getting accepted because the birth certificate of my grandma is written in serbian and due to the fact that serbia was a communist state and religion basically didn´t mean a lot to them ( especially jewish religion) it does not say in her certificate that she is jewish. She is now getting money from tel aviv due to the holocaust and that may be able to work and prove that I am jewish. And it also depends if I live close enough to the synagogue. My question is, even if I wouldn´t get accpeted to a synagogue close by I feel like I will be an incomplete jew. How important is it to visit a synagogue? I mean it would be great but even if I couldn´t would that make me any less of a jew in G-d´s eyes and will I be able to also reach my full potential in fulfilling the Torah without a synagogue? That is my biggest concern and I feel like I would be incomplete and I want to meet more jews. My boyfriend is non jewish and he says he wants nothing to do with my religion. I want to be around my people and grow with them. There aren´t a lot of jews in Germany anymore and I would also believe I could never find a jewish man to marry especially not belonging to a synagogue or jewish organization. I feel lost and alone with my religion. Thank you.


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