Judaism and Christianity on Satan: Why we Differ

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In this provocative presentation, Rabbi Singer delves into one of the most crucial theological differences between Judaism and the Church: Satan and Original Sin. Missionaries insist that man is totally depraved as a result of Satan’s unyielding power in the world, and man’s only hope for eternal salvation is through the Cross. Is this claim true? What does Judaism teach about Satan? Utilizing a thorough presentation of Jewish and Christian sources, Rabbi Singer examines why Judaism and Christianity differ on the subject of Satan.

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By Michael on July 27, 2010 -- 10:52am

Very interesting, thank you so much, I will pass it around.

By kerry murphy on June 24, 2011 -- 7:04am

wow,I just read the reasons why jews dont belive in jesus,Jesus faild the test.well i got to tell you folks neaver ever faild anything,Acording to your own bible, when the masiah did come,the earth would be strouck with evil if the people did not accept him,and you talk about all the evel in this world may be things would have been different it the jews would of accepted him???

By kerry murphy on June 24, 2011 -- 8:22am

ok that was interesting,you know,the spaker blamed the fundermentist born again christin,for great heardship on the jews,and i can see where the eggernorant fundermentelist born again christion may have done so,jesus came for the sick,not so much the healthy,The sick b a christion may of done this.but there is some thing you are missing,the jews dont know jesus,any more than the cathlics,the cathlics may speak of him like the jews but not know of him,you may ask who am i ? I am of no religion,But i have jesus in my heart,. you seamed to be puzzed by the christion not wanting to take jesus out of his religion and talk about god,would you take god out of your religion and talk about him????

By kerry on July 2, 2011 -- 5:02pm

This was very interesting,I really liked it alot,The speaker asked the question,how could lucfer be the morning star and jesus be the moring star as well??? I have 2 possable theorys,1 the christions at time take something that is very bad and turn it or try to turn it into something good,example,chrismass the pagon holladay,they do and did this because when jesus came into there life they where wash of there sins and became new,now if we studdy gosasisim,we learn that 2,jesus is said to be the snake in the garden the snake on the pole and jesus was sort of the fallen angel that came to earth to right what he had made wrong,sorry about my writting I am the deslecick one ,thank you

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