Scientific Data Supporting Creation

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by Harold Gans   

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By dovid oberlander on September 21, 2010 -- 7:07am

why cant i download this lecture?

By Mendel on November 5, 2013 -- 12:57am

The simple proof supporting intelligent creation by a higher, supernatural power is this: Everything in the world is made up of matter, wich is made up of atoms. All of these things are made up of energy. The Law of The Conservation of energy states: Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form. It is not physically possible to have just a randomly non-created mass of energy floating around in the universe. The energy must have been created by a supernatural power.

By SHALOM PRINCE on December 4, 2013 -- 3:43pm

Dear Sir,
Earth is rotating or unrotating?
Why We are compare to Holy Bible/Torah and science?
We believe God Yahweh’s word or scientist?

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