Misc. - Beyond the Trendy Red Thread: An Introduction To Practical Kaballah

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By orly on July 28, 2011 -- 1:40am

this short was cut short…was was the practical segula sefer called???

By Mrs Wanda Ruth Crouse on September 10, 2012 -- 6:08am

Life changing. Thank you so.

By LarryB on February 8, 2014 -- 5:36am

Mr Keleman
Your one of my favorite speakers ever and I have a question for you.  You speak of seagulas, I’m unsure of the spelling.
Any way have you seen this?
You recommend the book by Yosef Caro about seagulas and how learning the would benefit our lives.  I’m not sure what book it was I have been looking for it on the Internet but am not sure which one you meant. But, in light of this article I’m not sure if I should read it anyway.

By Larry on February 8, 2014 -- 9:38pm

Greetings. This is my second message.  You mention a book written by an 16th century rabbi about seagulas, by yoseph caro, I’m unsure of the spelling.  Can you tell me what book you recommended in your discussion?  I cannot seem to find it.

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