Sin and Atonement : Who Needs the Blood?

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There is no article of faith that is more central to the Church than the belief in the atoning value of Jesus’ sacrificial death at Calvary. Missionaries never miss an opportunity to point out the inability to expiate sin “without the shedding of blood.” Is this claim really true? In this crucial lecture, Rabbi Singer compares the concepts of sin and atonement as set forth by Christianity and Judaism utilizing a thorough presentation of their biblical sources.

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By Nelson Robison on December 28, 2010 -- 10:20pm

What I see as the problem with the ‘church’ is the reliance on ‘blood’ to expiate sin. The known factor is that atonement does not necessarily need blood to cleanse a person from sin. King David, did not have blood shed because of the sins he committed. King David went before the ‘ark of the covenant’ without blood and he not even a priest. How did this happen without David dying? Because David repented from his sin, made repentance and turned from his sin to righteousness through the forgiveness of G-d.

By kerry on July 5, 2011 -- 4:31pm

That was very interesting,I was alwasys,woundered why david the king experanced,the fergiveness of sins,In what it seamed,like a born again christion experence,,,In that very way..Im not sayen that the speaker did fully understand it just that there may be more that meets the ear,I wounder If the speaker has ever read the book of enock??? thank you this was very good .

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