Step Forward - Taking the next step in Judaism

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By Keahi Felix on October 23, 2011 -- 6:25am

Please tell me more why you say that “Torah is sweet.”

By Batya on March 25, 2013 -- 7:57pm

summary: Moshiach (messiah) can either come to a completely righteous or completely wicked generation. Every generation is judged relative to the difficulty of the times. We are living in a time where there are such low standards and such high levels of crime, immodestly, and selfishness, that we can be considered righteous simply by always striving to be better people and doing the basic things the Torah asks of us. If we continue to take steps forward, and contribute our “grain of sand,” we will eventually build a mountain of goodness and bring moshiach. don’t make a drastic change in your life, but walk the road of change, slowly implementing it until you find you’ve made yourself a better person.

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