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No area of Jewish literature could be more inhospitable to the Christian doctrine of a triune godhead than the Hebrew Bible. It is on the strength of our Torah and Prophets that the Jew has preserved the commandment to worship one, single, unique Creator God Who alone is worthy of devotion. While missionaries argue that they believe in “one” God, a cursory examination of their teachings reveals that what they maintain is indistinguishable from the Trinitarian dogma the Church has been espousing for 16 centuries. Learn how missionaries engage in biblical acrobatics in order to demonstrate that the doctrine of the Trinity can be proven from Tanach.

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By Shanti R on December 13, 2010 -- 7:55pm

Dear Rabbi Tovia Singer,
I just love your work so much. The zeal you have for serving HaShem, the devotion and dedication, and your amazing attention to detail; beautiful!
We are so blessed to have you among us, in our lifetime. For you truly are a brilliant light unto the nations, Baruch HaShem.

By Russell Mollot on May 19, 2011 -- 8:36am

The lecture began as an interesting analysis of the Trinity concept, using Scripture and logic and historical context to utterly destroy this false idea.  The final discussion of Isaiah, King Hezekiah, Gideon, David, etc., was not only greatly enlightening, but also extremely uplifting.
I cannot find words to describe how deeply moving
this lecture was; one has to listen for himself.

By samuel matz on August 26, 2011 -- 9:18pm

Please get truthful. rabbi singer you are the one who yells fire in a crowded theater. Your way is the ends justifies the means. Their is never a honest discussion. Your attitude is no Jew should ever consider the issue of Jesus. I must remind you theair were and are today, orthodox Jews that believe in Jesus. You must say how can that be? I wish every Jew were able to hear the debate you had with Michael Brown on Sid Roth’s program.The hearer would see, you are not after the truth.

By Melvin Light on May 18, 2012 -- 5:23pm

I am very anxious to receive this.It sounds very interesting.

By Melvin Light on May 18, 2012 -- 5:27pm

This sounds very interesting.

By Fred on October 23, 2013 -- 10:09pm

Your teaching is exelent.

Born into a christian sosiety, God revealed me through the scriptures that Yahuah is the only true God in the absolute sense. It was a prozess which took me a few years.

The Messiah is God’s anointed one. He is a man, one of his brothers, like Yahuah prommised to Musha. I believe that Yahusha of Nathareth is the promissed Machiach.

In this man God lived as his tempel. Even God wants to live the same way in any believer, in you and in me. Yet Yahusha the Machiach is the outstanding devoted and faithful servand of God. Son of God speaks of God’s immage, which we should all obtain, as God plant as to be.

I believe that Yusuf is his real physical father, a physical descendant of King Dauid.

Yahuah bless you.


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