Why Do Mitzvah’s?

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By joelle esther benyayer on April 20, 2013 -- 5:27pm

im been agress twice by iranian female islamist i know from hollan the oncle of my ex van heiningen was with iranian her daughter sense no peace i was in england a group iranian females also back in south of france the mother of the iranian again boulouris acid on my hairs my cloths cuts all my papers robbe commputer after papers my family because she have some put some girls in defense in frejus she protected impossible to get compensation for my agression or investigation need help i got also an aimant four times also when i was pregnant need to go to england dont feel secure more muslims maroco approch me some agressifs

By Shmuel on December 4, 2013 -- 4:08am

Does anybody know here and when this was recorded?

By miriam siegel on January 13, 2014 -- 1:44am

fantastic shiur.  great for frum from birth people and many different levels.  i hope he recovers from heart surgery ok.

By Debra Hebb on March 26, 2014 -- 8:01pm

I have been studying in order to find my relationship to/with G-d in the best way possible. I found Judaism!  I am trying to convert to Orthodox Judaism, but feel very alienated at this time. I have attended Chabad in central Florida. What an experience! Everything centered around relationship with HaShem. Please how much sooner I can converted?? Studying Codes of Jewish Law, Chumash, history, etc. Need a teacher who will interact with me on this journey. Rabbi’s are very busy so how can I convert without a rabbi who is available??? Thank you for your lectures. I appreciate your sense of humor and simple explanations.

By Yehudit on July 7, 2015 -- 2:10pm

Near the end of this lecture, Rabbi Orlofsky says that at the next meeting he’ll take one mitzva and analyze how it fulfills the purposes he explained in the “Why do Mitzvas?” discussion.

Is there any way for me to access that follow-up discussion?

Thanks and blessings for the amazing work you all do.


By Shira Solomon on February 7, 2016 -- 12:02pm

Fantastic shiur! Thank you

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